As a 6th generation Idahoan, I have a great love for Idaho’s amazing qualify of life and a strong desire to serve its people. My education and business experience have prepared me to be a strong advocate for superior healthcare, exceptional education opportunities, and a robust product economy. Legislative District 31 has always been my home. I cherish the pioneer heritage of this area and the “salt-of-the-earth people” that make it unique. I am currently the past precinct committee person for Clark In Jefferson County and the past President of the District 251 Jefferson Education Foundation.

I look forward to sharing my conservative values as I serve the people of Idaho. I am pro-life because I believe that life is God-given. I’m a pro-traditional marriage and believe marriage is the sacred union of one man and one woman. My faith guides my every decision and direction.

Soon after I was born, my family moved to Menan, where my grandfather farmed 1200 acres of flood-irrigated land, much of which has been homestead by his family, and also had a large herd of cattle. My father worked as a farmhand and times were sometimes tough. We didn’t have much, but I was never lacking. I loved growing up and working on the farm. I believe my strong work ethic is a result of these years. My father served in the National Guard as a Sargent and was ever so proud of his country. Later in life, my father purchased property in Teton where he worked and lived. He recently passed away in the place he loved. My mother was a registered nurse and spent many years caring for the elderly.

Hunting and fishing were part of the community culture in those days, and I grew to love the outdoors. This likely framed my strong support for our Second Amendment rights. Playing sports came easy for me and church softball, high school basketball, football, and track were the love of my life. Rigby was a two-time state champion in basketball, and I was named to the all-state basketball team. I played quarterback on the football team and later played football at Rick College. I learned first-hand the importance of being a team player, and these experiences helped mold me and create in me a desire to work hard to reach my goals.

After attending Ricks College for a year, I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Argentine and grew to love the Latin people. The Spanish-speaking people in Idaho have a special place in my heart. After returning from Argentina, I married Jan Burtenshaw, from Rigby. We have a wonderful family with four daughters and a son and many grandchildren. Grandchildren are the best. I should have had them first.

I attended school at BYU-I and ISU and graduated with a business degree with an emphasis in finance. I worked at a bank right after college and then entered the insurance and investment business. I have served clients since 1986. I obtained advanced degrees in insurance, tax, and financial planning and have owned a large healthcare insurance business and still own a large life insurance business. I have served as the past president of the Idaho Insurance and Financial Advisors, past president of the Idaho Falls Society of Financial Services Professionals, and the past president of the Idaho Falls Estate Planning Professionals.

I ask for your support to help make Idaho even better, and I welcome your ideas. Email me or call me at 208-589-1100.
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